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Introduction to woodworking saw blade

    Woodworking saw blades are generally made of carbon tool steel. There are two commonly used brands: T9 and T10. (i.e. carbon steel with carbon content of about 0.9% and 1.0%). It is used to process wood. According to the tooth shape, it can be divided into left and right teeth and cross cutting teeth.
    Professional R & D and manufacturing of saw blades. The matrix for the production of alloy saw blade adopts the world's unique circular rotating cone roll rolling zonal treatment technology and manufacturing process, so that the matrix has excellent rigidity, the uniform structure and mechanical properties with the center of the circle as the symmetrical distribution, the stress is evenly distributed with the center of the circle, and gives play to the extraordinary rotating straightening ability. The cemented carbide saw blade has excellent cutting accuracy. High performance alloy sawtooth sintered by advanced technology of high-quality nano tungsten carbide, cobalt and other rare metals makes the saw blade sharp and durable. The saw path has good straightness, and the cutting surface is smooth and traceless.

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